Here's this entire wiki (March 15, 2015)

This is the entire wiki when I arrived here on March 15, 2015 (article titles are in bold; their entire content follows their title):

Animal rights Replace this text by writing your article here!

Hunting: Replace this text by writing your article here!

Kentucky Fried Cruelty: Say no to KFC or you are a chicken abuser! The chickens are in trouble!

Maya: Maya is a dog killed by Peta cuz She Deserved 2 Die Cuz She Was Not A mtut R8 10/10 If u agree

Meat: Meat sux Peta secretly kill non vegans cuz they are bad

No milk!: Say no to milk! The milking hurts the cows and makes them cry. If you like milk you are a vile animal abuser! If You Drink milk , Fuck your Family And Friends U Don Deserv A Life (picture of milk carton with no symbol)

No Seaworld!:You are a dolphin and whale abuser if you like Seaworld! Don't go there!


Petapedia_Wiki (homepage): Maya Deserved Death/NewsEdit/Make love not petsEdit/ If You buy a pet form petshop , he Will steal and kill it cuz its fun

Pets: Replace this text by writing your article here! (pic was PETA on the rabbit symbol)

Ringling Beats Animals: Say no to circuses! If you like Ringling, you are a major elephant abuser!

We're fixing that.